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Applying Torah Values to Our Diets

By Richard H. Schwartz Since Shavuot is z’man matan Torateinu (the commemoration of the giving of the Torah to the Israelites on Mount Sinai), many dedicated religious Jews admirably stay up the entire first night of Shavuot to hear talks about and discuss Torah teachings. Among these Torah teachings are that Jews should preserve human Read More

A Special Prayer for the Very Sick

Judaism has a long-standing  tradition of praying for the sick. One of the more familiar prayers is called the “Mi Shebeirach” prayer.  It is most often read at the Temple during the reading from the Torah.   One translation goes like this: “May the One who blessed our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Read More

Meditation and Your Emotional Well Being

Meditation And Your Emotional Well Being Guest Blogger: Oliver Dodd It is said that people with emotional strength have better control over their feelings and behaviors. It is because of this that they are better able to tackle any challenge, leading to more productive and accomplishing lives. People that are happier and positive tend to Read More

Jewish Healing Series on Health

The great web resource Jewishhealing.com ran an important series of articles on various aspects of wellness from the traditional Jewish viewpoint. We would like to share this with you now. Wellness: the Jewish pathway towards health   Maintaining our health is an important Mitzvah of the Torah: Shemirat Ha-briyut – The Mitzvah of staying well. In Read More

Your Path to Wellness: The Old Testament Way

The little know world of Jewish healing has  been a well-kept secret for thousands of years.  Now, I will share with you the way to wellness through the old testament.  Today, more and more physicians are revisiting the ancient scriptures and turning to the old testament of the Bible for answers to many of life’s Read More

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