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Don’t Give Up on God – Psalm 42

This poor soul is in the midst of a faith crisis.  They are suffering and they are looking for a sign that God is there for them.  Psalm 42 (full text below) tells the story of someone who feels abandoned by God.  We’ve all had pain and suffering in our lives.  As we confront this Read More

Teach Your Kids to Visit the Sick

Visiting the Sick: How to teach your kids that it’s important to take care of each other By Guest Blogger Lisa Samick Visits, especially from kids, are sometimes the best medicine. We all want to raise ethical children – children who care about others, about the environment, about making the world a better place. But Read More

Jewish Views of Illness and Healing

By Marinell James Someone you know is ill, and other people are offering to pray for them. You aren’t sure–do Jews do that? Are you allowed to pray in a synagogue for someone who isn’t Jewish to get better? The Jewish custom of praying for people who are ill or injured is very old. In Read More

A Torah Approach to Anxiety Relief

  By Sara Esther Crispe With Thanks to Chabad.org There is no question that we live in a high-pressured world, and not only do we deal with the stress that society puts on our heads, but we have our own inner pressure-cooker as well—from our personal expectations, responsibilities, work, families, relationships, and our goals for Read More

Prayer: A Prescription for Healing

Thanks to JewishHealing.com Who would ever think, that in a country ruled by rational thought, where proof is required every step of the way, that prayer would even be considered as a legitimate source of healing. Could it be that so many are disenchanted with current medical practices or has medical science run out of Read More

Prayer for a Cure for Cancer

Prayer for a Cure for Cancer Words of healing Published in the CCAR Journal: A Reform Jewish Quarterly Winter, 2001 We are sometimes mistaken when we fear that which is big. Godzilla, King Kong, Asteroid, Armageddon. At least we can see it when it comes. We are sometimes mistaken when we fear that which is Read More

A Healing Song

Healing song by Rabbi Shohama Wiener – Guest Blogger May the waters of healing, flow through my (her/his) soul. May the waters of healing, flow through my (her/his) heart. May the waters of healing flow through my (her/his) form. Ah-na El na, please Holy One R’fa na la…Let Your healing be done Ah-na El na, Read More

Your Path to Health with the Healing Hand

THE HEALING HAND (Hamsa)…For meditative Health Jewish mystics believe that you should always have God’s name in front of you. They take this from the Torah statement, “…and you shall put God’s name before you.” A hamsa is an charm shaped like a hand, with three fingers extended in the middle and a thumb or Read More

Jews and Tattoos

By Guest Blogger By: Micheline Moreaux Nearly every Jew, from those who go to synagogue only on holidays to those who dutifully follow Jewish law, has heard that you’re not supposed to desecrate your body…especially with tattoos. ‘‘If you get a tattoo, you can’t be buried in a Jewish cemetery’’ is something that was hammered Read More

Jewish Teachings on Health

v’nishmartem meod l’nafshotechem (“Be extremely protective of your lives.”) (Deuteronomy 4:15). You may not in any way weaken your health or shorten your life. Only if the body is healthy is it an efficient instrument for the spirit’s activity….Therefore you should avoid everything which might possibly injure your health…. And the law asks you to Read More

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