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Jewish Health



The National Center for Jewish Healing helps communities meet the spiritual needs of Jews living with illness, loss and significant life challenges.



The Archive of Judaism and Health Research (AJHR) is a joint venture of the Program on Religion and Population Health (PRPH) of the Institute  for Studies of Religion (ISR) at Baylor University and the Kalsman Institute on Judaism and Health (KIJH) at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC-JIR).  We invite you to browse our extensive site and explore our expanding archive of scholarly resources on topics related to Judaism, health, and healing.




Jewish Healing Center of Los Angeles

Founded by a rabbi trained in the healing and contemplative arts, JHCLA is operated as well by ordained rabbis and chaplains on the principle that Jewish wisdom and tradition offer a wealth of guidance about healing. Text study, prayer and music are among our healing tools and no previous familiarity with Judaism is required. We provide teaching and guidance about Jewish end-of-life rituals for families when needed as well as officiating at funerals and shiva minyanim.



The Schlesinger Institute is dedicated to the halachic approach of medical ethics. Through the scholarship and expertise of leading rabbis, doctors and others, the Institute aims to research and resolve the halachic issues that emerge as medicine progresses, to consider their medical, halachic, legal and ethical ramifications, and to present practical responses.


The Art of Jewish Healing

The Jewish Virtual Library

The Jewish Virtual Library (JVL) is your source for information about Jewish history, Israel, U.S.-Israel relations, the Holocaust, antisemitism and Judaism. The JVL is not just a historical archive – it is also the place to find talking points on breaking news. When an issue comes to the fore — whether political or religious — and you need data fast, this is the first place you should look.








The National Center for Jewish Healing

The National Center for Jewish Healing (NCJH) helps communities better meet the spiritual needs of Jews living with illness, loss and other significant life challenges.  Working closely with a network of Jewish healing centers and programs throughout North America we offer consultation, resource material, publications, training and referrals to community resources.



Kabbalah Online

Wondering where to begin learning the complex and mysterious inner dimensions of Torah, known as Kabbala? Our Introductory folder is a great place to start.


News and Information

Arutz Sheva Israel National RadioArutz Sheva Israel National Radio
The Jerusalem Post
The Jerusalem Post

: Information Regarding Israel’s Security
Dateline: Israel

Jewish World Review
Jewish World

Jewish Telegraph
The Jewish Telegraph

Britain’s only regional Jewish newspaper Global Global Intelligence

Middle East Facts

Independent Media Review & Analysis (IMRA)
Independent Media Review & Analysis (IMRA)
Joseph Farah’s World Net Daily

Jewish Virtual Library
The Virtual Jewish Library

Home of the famous Myths and Facts!

Advancing democracy, pluralism and mutual respect in the Middle East.

Foundation for Constitutional Democracy
The Foundation for Constitutional Democracy
Radio Free Israel

Emet News Service
Emet News Service

Palestinian Media watch
Palestinian Media watch
The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)
The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)

Sultan Knish
from NY to Israel Sultan Reveals The Stories Behind the News

Bay Area Jewish Healing Center

The Bay Area Jewish Healing Center is dedicated to providing Jewish spiritual care to those living with illness, to those caring for the ill, and to the bereaved through direct service, education and training, and information and referral.




Jewish America is all about being Jewish. Their theme is “Torah Study is our Greatest Defense”.



mjl_logo_largeMy Jewish Learning is the “place for all things Jewish”.  Here can you find the latest news affecting the Jewish community as well as articles about health, people making a difference, travel, and many other timely topics.

Jewish History.Org

“We Bring Jewish History to Life”

A Jew Trying to Live the Life of the Torah – is a resource for anyone who is searching for meaning in their life and anyone seeking a way to connect to God. Hazmanah openly expresses the desire for all to live according to God’s will – that which is expressed in the Torah (Five Books of Moses) and the entirety of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible).


Jew School represents The New Jew precisely because you cannot confine us to traditional categories and delineations. We defy existing archetypes and forge new ones in their stead. We are spiritually devout and worldly. We are proud and ashamed. We are scholarly and sophomoric. We are traditional and radically opposed to our traditions. We are queer hasidim and tzenuah feminists, Orthodox maskilim and secular hareidim, anti-Zionist Zionists and diaspora enthusiasts longing for geulah, talmud chochams who don’t believe in God and atheists who want to throw rocks at cars on Shabbos. We embrace the contradictions. And we relish in our freedom to be true to who we are without having to fill whatever mold you may wish to cast for us

AJRCA is a transdenominational, pluralistic institution dedicated to the training of rabbis, cantors, and chaplains. Our mission is to develop religious leaders steeped in Torah wisdom and tradition, and capable of transforming Jewish communities into places where all Jews can grow toward wholeness and well-being.

Please read and learn about the growing Jewish vegetarian movement, and think about how Jewish teachings relate to decisions we make each day as we sit down to eat. As Rabbi Isaac ha-Levi Herzog said, “Jews will move increasingly to vegetarianism out of their own deepening knowledge of what their tradition commands… A whole galaxy of central rabbinic and spiritual leaders…has been affirming vegetarianism as the ultimate meaning of Jewish moral teaching.”

olive_crestonblackShema Israel

Great content about being Jewish, Israel, and the Jewish lifestyle

Official Israeli Government Bodies

Office of the PM

The Office of The Prime Minister of Israel:
English / Hebrew

The Israeli Knesset Web Site

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Israel Defence Forces (I.D.F.)


The Israeli Air Force (I.A.F.)
(In Hebrew or English)

Israeli Political Parties

Citizens for Netanyahu
Created by Citizens for Netanyahu


Mafdal – The National Religious Party
Moshe Feiglin
Moshe Feiglin – founder and president of Manhigut Yehudit

LikudThe Likud Party of Israel
Likoed Nederland / Likud of Holland
Likoed Nederland / Likud of Holland

The National Jewish FrontParty
National Unity
The web site of The National Unity Party

Movements and Organizations

Campus Watch
Campus Watch

Monitors and critiques Middle East studies in North America.
Israel Hasbara Committee
Israel Hasbara Committee

Magen David Adom
Magen David Adom (MDA)
American Friends of the Golan
American Friends of the Golan

Americans For A Safe Israel (AFSI)
Ariel Center for Policy Research
The Ariel Center for Policy Research

Women in Green
Zo Artzeinu
Zo Artzeinu

ERRI Emergency Response And Research Institute
Counter-terrorism and
Military Operations

The Zionist Organization
of America (ZOA)

Pollard Justice for Jonathan Pollard
The official Web Site authorized by Jonathan and Esther Pollard
Free Ron Arad

NACPAC - America's largest pro-Israel political action committee
: America’s largest pro-Israel political action committee
Camera: Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America
: Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America

Professors for a Strong Israel (PSI)
National Council of Young IsraelNational Council
of Young Israel

Intnational Policy Institute International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism
Voices United for Israel
The National Unity Coalition for Israel

Samson Blinded Samson Blinded
Online book dissecting the problems the Jews face

Other Pro-Israel Web Sites

S.O.S The real story of the Palestinians in Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza Strip
Gamla Will Not Fall Again
Gamla Will Not Fall Again:
Hebrew / English

Israel 101: a Survival Kit for Dummies Masada2000.orgIsrael 101: a Survival Kit for Dummies



Peace with Realism

Christian Zionist Organizations

Bridges For PeaceBridges For Peace
International Wall of Prayer
The International Wall of Prayer
Israel My BelovedIsrael My Beloved:
by the International Christian Zionist Center
Islam Commentaries
Islam Commentaries
Islam Comic BookMohammed’s Believe It Or Else:
Islam Comic Book
Christian Action for Israel
Christian Action for Israel


Communities in Israel

Golan Heights Information CenterGolan Heights Information Center
The Jewish Community in HebronThe Jewish Community in Hebron
:Hebrew / English


Yesha Bulletin
Yesha Bulletin



Judaism on the Net

Beis Moshiach OnlineBeis Moshiach Online
Ahavat Israel
Ahavat Israel
CDTorah.ComCDTorah.ComHundreds of torah lectures on standard audio CDs
Project GenesisProject Genesis:
Torah on the Information Superhighway


Directories and Resources of Jewish & Israeli Interest


Israel Science and Technology Homepage
Israel Science and
Technology Homepage:


Middle East FactsMiddle East Facts
Virtual Jerusalem
Virtual Jerusalem
Maven: The Jewish Portal
Gateway to JewishWeb. Click here to enter.

The vision for Hebrew for Christians web site is to provide a resource for the Church regarding its rich Hebraic heritage by promoting Jewish literacy among all those who claim Jesus Christ as their Lord.  I believe this is important today for many reasons, but especially because many people in the church today are unaware of the inherent Jewishness of their heritage, and sadly this reflects in many misinterpretations regarding the Scriptures. Remember: Jesus was (and is) a Jew, and to be a follower of Him implies learning about the Jewish people — their culture, their language, and their way of understanding the Scriptures. Moreover, in the olam habah, the world to come, we will all give homage to a Jewish Lord and Jewish Savior! Why not get a head start and begin learning the “language of the kingdom?”

Jewish America is an amazing website with so much information it will keep you busy forever. Ask Moses is a great website for asking questions about Judiasm and getting well research answers.
Simple to Remember is a site with excellent articles and information about being Jewish and the Jewish world. Torah Summary is just what is says — a summary of the Torah in simple language. Well worth the time to read.

Miscellaneous Interesting Sites

Rosh Hashanah Cards
Jewish Greeting Cards from Jewish Greeting Cards by
ShakespeareThe Hidden Shakespeare: convincing evidence that Shakespeare was really Jewish
Dry Bones Yad Vashem
A paradise destroyed by Islamic terrorism.
There is a bitter lesson here for Israelis. We hope they learn it.
The Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society
The Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society



Israeli Businesses

D D Travel
D. D Travel Guide
Tourist information for Israel: Kibbutz hotels, B&B, apartments, guided tours & free coupons.
Shipping Consolidators –
Shipping to or from Israel? We’ll find you the best price.
Send Shalach Manos to Israel
Shalach Manos is an online Israeli company that sends Mishloach Manot Purim gift baskets to your family and friends anywhere in Israel from anywhere in the world!
Givot Olam Oil Exploration Givot Olam Oil Exploration, Ltd. believes it has found oil in Israel.
Chanukah Cards, Rosh Hashanah Cards
Unique greeting cards straight from Israel! transforms all types of Jewish cards into a VALUED GIFT!
World of Judaica






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